Why You Should Become a CPA

Become a CPA

Working as an accountant is a great career, but becoming a CPA has many advantages over being a regular accountant. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a CPA by taking the rigorous examination, below are some of the best reasons to earn this coveted accounting designation. 

Earning Respect and Prestige

CPAs are admired and respected by accountants, clients, and the general public. Many people view CPAs as an elite professional group. After spending years on education and technical training, as well as passing the CPA examination, your character and ethics will be tested by several years of experience on the job. A CPA has skills and proficiency that is well beyond that of the average accountant. 

Better Career Development

Passing the CPA exam and getting your CPA designation lets you stand out for possible employers, who tend to be impressed by accountants with the title. Getting your CPA license also makes you more likely to obtain a management or leadership position in the accounting field, and you’ll need it to reach higher levels of responsibility.

Regarding salary, you’ll enjoy a salary that is 10 to 15% higher. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that accountants in the top 10% of earners make at least $124,000 per year. 

The majority of people earning that type of income have a CPA license. So, you’re almost certain to achieve a higher salary in accounting by becoming a CPA. Also, note that you can make even more with a CPA if you work in public accounting. 

Superior Job Security 

Roberthalf.com reports that CPAs are in high demand today by public accounting firms and other related organizations. Many of the available jobs are in the audit and tax areas, but many companies also are looking for CPAs with skills in compliance, risk, and mergers and acquisitions. 

One reason for more need for CPAs is that fewer students chose accounting in the 1990s because the Internet took off. Many students who might have gone into the field opted for marketing and IT roles. Also, federal legislation in the early 2000s increased the demand for Certified Public Accountants, as higher standards were instituted in public corporate accounting. 

Lastly, the Baby Boom generation has started to retire, leaving many available jobs for those who get their CPA. 

High Job Satisfaction

CPAs often have many skills who perform many demanding functions, including business and management consulting, IT, tax advisory work, and forensic auditing. 

With the many job paths available to CPAs, you have the chance to work in many finance and accounting roles. These options mean that CPAs often have a high level of satisfaction as they feel they are employed in vital work. 

Jobs in Non-Public Accounting

Not every CPA goes to work in public accounting for major accounting firms. Some professionals want to work in non-public accounting, and many businesses in all industries need skilled accountants to deal with their financial reporting. This also means that you can work in almost any industry. 

Opportunities For Travel

Globalization is only increasing, so accountants who embrace the trend and know International Financial Reporting Standards are needed worldwide. If you like seeing different countries, becoming a Certified Public Accountant is a great choice. You’ll get the chance to see the world, and you’ll get plenty of valuable experience that will benefit your accounting career. 

Becoming a CPA is an outstanding career choice if you want a high salary, job security, and so much more. All of that education and specialized training will pay off in the end! 

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