Top Tips To Combatting Male Pattern Baldness

Combatting Male Pattern Baldness

Scientific studies have time and again proved that it is men who are more vulnerable to premature hair loss than their female counterparts. This uncontrolled phenomenon has given rise to the term of male pattern baldness and as the name suggests it is exclusive to men. The severity of this issue varies between early signs of hair shedding and complete baldness.

However, with options like direct hair implantation, laser combs and medications, the baldness process can be slowed down. This write-up will provide top tips for those who haven’t turned bald but have started experiencing hair fall at an increasing rate.

Intelligent styling

While you are a free spirit when it comes to styling your hair, attention should also be paid to certain concerns. Too much combing is never desirable since it causes hair shedding. Thus, comb your hair less for making it look thick and prevent them from falling off. It will be better if your hair is kept short with longer at the top and again shorter at sides. This style will deceive the eyes of onlookers with an illusion created of thick hair.

Take proper care of your scalp

If you have started experiencing early signs of hair fall, then it is high time you chose correct hair care products. Since your scalp houses sensitive hair follicles, it needs extra nourishment at this stage. You must use gentle oil and shampoo to wash the scalp for keeping it dirt free.

There is no harm in pampering yourself with a scalp massage. It is going to be of tremendous benefit since a therapeutic massage stimulates healthy blood circulation around the scalp which in turn promotes hair growth.

Wholesome diet

One must always remember that your body reflects what you are eating. A healthy diet can foster healthy skin, bones and hair. And the contradictory happens if a poor diet is consumed. Therefore, it is extremely vital to watch the foods you are having.
Cut down on carbohydrates while incorporating more fibre and healthy fats in your diet are imperative. On following this diet plan for a substantial time span, you have higher chances of experiencing healthy hair growth.

Medical interventions

If you observe negligible outcome even after trying all of the methods above, then seek medical solutions. You can go for direct hair implantation for a quick fix. Furthermore, there are drugs today such as Finasteride and Minoxidil that reverse the process of hair balding. All in all, these procedures have been quite successful in growing new hair and boosting self-confidence in men.

Improved appearance is desired by everyone and luscious hair contributes significantly in creating that well-groomed looks. If you do not want to be stopped by hair fall menace, then follow the preventive tips discussed above.

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