Tips to Wear Kaftan in the Perfect Way

Wear Kaftan

A kaftan or a caftan is actually a different variant of the tunic or the robe. They are actually the different versions that is worn by numerous cultures all over the world for more than over thousand years. It generally used as an overdress and are readily available in the market. There are several websites that allows one to buy kaftan dress online and most importantly at an unbelievable price. Although the price is on the lower side, there is no compromise on the quality of the product and offers full value of money.

What are Kaftans?

A kaftan is basically a long tunic that is belted usually worn in the countries of the Near East. They are often worn as a long coat or an outer garment that usually reaches up to the length of the ankles and the kaftans generally come with sleeves that are long. Various materials are used in the manufacture of the kaftans that are as mentioned below.

• Cotton
• Wool
• Silk
• Cashmere

The kaftan is originally of ancient Mesopotamian origin and was worn by the ethnic groups of the countries in the middle east. With the evolution of kaftans, they have gained different purposes, styles and names mainly depending upon the culture of the people wearing it. Kaftans were also worn in regions where the climatic conditions are warm since the garment due to its light weight and loose fitting nature. In some cultures, the kaftans even served as the symbol of royalty as well.

There is some classification of the kaftans based on the regional variation that are as follows.

• Ottoman Kaftans – These were worn by the Ottoman Sultans of the Ottoman Empire.
• Moroccan Kaftans – These are one piece dress worn by the women of Mexico.
• West African Kaftans – These kaftans are of the pullover type worn by both the men and women in the countries of West Africa. It is worn with matching pants and a special cap known as Kufi cap.

Tips to Wear the Kaftans in the Right Way

There are some tips to follow so that the kaftans can be worn in the perfect way so that appearance and the look of the wearer is enhanced. The tips are as follows.

The Right Fabric Should be Chosen

The kaftans are made of different types of fabrics but one needs to pay attention to the fabric according as the occasion or the purpose for which its wearing is planned.

Appropriate Length should be Considered

Kaftans are available in short and ling lengths but this selection of the length should be appropriately selected to get the best look from wearing the kaftans. The occasion of wear should decide the length.

Pairing it with a Matching Bag

The kaftans look absolutely cool when worn with a matching bag especially a small one looks the best.
Perfect shoes are Essential

The available kaftans online should be worn with the perfectly matching pair of shoes which looks awesome especially with a pair of nude heels. Even the wedges go well with the kaftans.

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