The Secret to Youthful Skin Lies under those Stem Cells


The skin has all its shine and sheen at one’s 20s. He is a jovial youth who with that dreamy glowing skin which everyone envies. Though the ageing of the skin is a natural phenomenon, it is not acceptable to many. It is also the mother nature’s purity which can save us from such a defloration. What keeps your skin youthful is are the epidermal stem cells which are capable of self-renewal and promote skin health as a result.

Epidermal stem cells are supposed to self-renew themselves if not at a high rate, but at a normal rate in every individual. Skin ageing is caused due to the reduced capacity of the stem cells. A Stem Cell Growth Factor Serum may help replenish the increased capability of stem cell production once more, thus arresting the ageing of your skin.

Multipotent stem cells have been discovered by Till and McCulloch back in 1961. They have also explained the role of stem cells in creating new cells and keeping up the normality of the active cells as well.

One of the significant and noticeable factors of skin ageing is the diminished capacity of the endogenous stem cells, its primary function being generation and maintenance of the tissues. Medical science has discovered several treatments to get back the stem cell factors to activity. There are people who refrain from exposing their skin from harmful treatments and rather prefer to opt for products that contain a stem cell growth factor formula.

Why do our skin age with our ageing?

●       Pollution:

In this modern world, no one is now chained at home. Everyone has something to contribute to the world and one is therefore exposed to the outer environment, which is contaminated with hazardous air infused with smokes from vehicles. They are not only detrimental to our health but one of the primary causes of the ageing of our skin.

●       Poor diet and eating habits:

A balanced diet balances out the nutrients in the body equally, whereas a poor diet which does not include any proper protein or fruits aggravates the skin’s condition and the skin loses its elasticity.

●       Stress and depression:

Stress and depression shadow over us like a monster and halts the progression of our overall health. It also casts a shadow upon stem cell development of skin.

●       Repeated sun exposure:

Too much of ultraviolet rays damage our skin. For this reason, SPF (Sun Protecting Factor) formulations in the form of cream or lotion base are available in the market. This temporarily claims to protect our skin from the heat and the damage from the sun.

●       Alcoholic beauty skin products:

Alcoholic beauty skin products are now ruling the market but they are harmful to our skin as the alcoholic and chemical content of the product may loosen out or corrode your skin gradually, giving way to the ageing of the skin.

Stem Cell Growth Factor Serum made from natural extracts may aid in taking care of the stem cells. Your skin deserves the luxury of such a product. Go ahead!

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