Being in sound health means that the physical, mental and spiritual levels of an individual is well taken care of. This is achieved through a structured program of balanced healthy physical activity, proper nutrition, mental activities, continuous education with spiritual and social activities. Maintaining good health requires exercising to build and maintain muscles, following a nutritional diet, and burning of excess calories.

Muay Thai, also referred to as Thai Boxing is a national cultural and sport martial art in Thailand. The sport was developed several hundreds of years ago for the benefit of fitness and wellness and as a type of close combat that makes use of the whole body as a weapon.

The hands play the role of a dagger and sword; the forearms and shins are made tough training to play the role of armor against blows from an opponent; the elbow is used to fall opponents just like a hammer or heavy mace. The knees and legs are used as staff and axe. The body functions as a single unit. The elbows and knees are constantly testing and searching for an unguarded area to exploit while trying and grappling to pin an enemy to the ground to effect a finishing move.

Another very popular and favored Muay Thai technique is known as Muay Thai circle. Fighters would form a circle with one fighter positioned in the middle. The fighter in the center would then practice with each fighter in the circle for a specified amount of time while switching at each turn. The Muay Thai circle of training is still in use till date, and is a training technique commonly used at MMA training camp and Tiger Muay Thai Phuket, Thailand.

Muay Thai fighters practice for longer hours each day and are usually introduced to the sport when they are 6-8 years of age. The fighters typically engage in their first fight when they have reached 8-10 years old and may engage in as many as between 100 and 140 fights before they reach their mid-twenties. Muay Thai fighters generally do not have long careers; this is because of how early the average Thai begins fighting and how physically demanding the sport is. Muay Thai fighters are known for the toughness of their skin and their ability to endure injuries and pain.

On a global scale, Muay Thai from is becoming really popular more than ever. It was recently accepted as a sport in the Olympics, finally enjoying the recognition it rightly deserves. Professional martial artists who are experts in other types of combat are of the opinion that Muay Thai is needed to make any fighter very versatile with a competitive edge over other fighters. As new training camp and gyms are built all over the world, the sport will definitely increase in popularity due to the health benefits the human race stands to reap from this form of combat sport.

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