Peter Max- Meet a Living Icon in The World of Pop Art

World of Pop Art

Pop art has been popular in the world for several years, and there are a few artists that have left indelible impressions on the minds of fans across the world. Some of these artists are dedicated and passionate when it comes to expressing their love for art. They often spread several social messages through their artwork, that has a positive impact on the environment.

Peter Max – An artist and painter passionate about life

In the world of pop art, Peter Max is no unknown name. He has been associated with the field of pop art for 50 years. He was born in 1937 and lived in Shanghai during the early days of his life. He stayed near a Buddhist monastery till the age of 10 years. Later, he traveled with his mom and dad to China and stayed in Tibet for some time. However, they left for Israel when the army of Mao Tse-Tung started to advance towards Shanghai. His family also spent some time in Africa and India. Later he moved to Paris for 6 months before finally settling down in the USA.

His love for jazz

He is very fond of jazz music, and this love has been successfully conveyed via his paintings. Mr. Max also experiences synesthesia. Here, the person experiences one sense over another. For instance, a person might taste words, see sounds, etc. He claims that throughout his whole life, he has actually heard colors and seen music. This is why his paintings attract millions across the globe. Agents from esteemed galleries and museums always display his artwork to art exhibitions. Every work of Mr. Max stole the hearts of thousands of people across the globe who love and appreciate the world of pop art, and one can check his Facebook picture gallery for paintings.

His association with The Beatles

He was a close friend of the iconic music band Beatles. He bonded well with George Harrison and Ringo Starr. He is also the friend of several Presidents of the USA for whom he has painted many portraits that one will come across in US embassies of the world. Ronald Reagan, former US President, owned about 42 paintings of this celebrated artist before he ran for Governor and after becoming the President, he upgraded his collection to 80 artworks of Mr. Max before he moved into the Oval Office. He was commissioned to create the inaugural posters of former US President Bill Clinton during his term in 1992.

Besides pop art and his love for painting on all surfaces, Peter Max is a vegan and an active animal rights activist. He is interested in yoga and has been practicing it for a very long time. He claims that yoga is behind the inspiration behind the art style of the 1960s that he embraced and calls it transcendental and psychedelic. He has been in the world of pop art for 50 years and is dedicated to his passion. His art is so famous that it is the inspiration behind the popular American fashion brand named after him- Neo Max!

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