How To Manage Chronic Pain Without Traditional Medicine

Chronic pain, which lasts for three or more months, can make it challenging to live everyday life. Many people want to manage their pain without taking traditional drugs. The good news is there are many alternative methods to manage chronic pain.

If you deal with chronic pain of some kind, talk to your doctor about trying one or more of the alternative pain treatments below. You could discover a new way to reduce the pain that you’ve been living with for years.

Regular Exercise

If your body hurts, going for a walk or swim could be last on your list. But moderate physical activity can help reduce your pain and aid your recovery. Experts recommend gentle exercises to manage pain, such as walking, swimming, or biking. Each movement can loosen sore muscles and increase blood flow. Both enhance your body’s healing process.

Integrative Medicine Methods

Methods such as yoga, tai chi, and acupuncture tap your mind-body connection. There is increasing evidence that our minds and bodies’ link is more significant than we thought before.

Integrative methods combine the power of your breath, movements, and mindfulness to lower your chronic pain by calming your mind and reducing unhealthy thoughts.


People with arthritis and other chronic pain conditions turn to cannabis products to relieve their pain, fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia. A recent survey of people suffering from chronic joint pain found that more than 50% had tried CBD or marijuana for medical purposes.

Cannabis is complicated, and different types have various chemical properties, but virtually all contain THC and CBD. THC causes the familiar ‘high’ you get from smoking cannabis, which may help reduce pain. CBD doesn’t usually give a ‘high,’ but it may help relieve arthritis pain.

Luckily, getting the cannabis you need is easier than ever, with many varieties available for pain relief at retail outlets across the country. Whether you want to buy flowers, edibles, and beverages or concentrates, there are cannabis products out there that help pain management.

Stress Management

Scientists say there is a vital link in the brain between pain and stress. Finding healthier ways to cope with daily life stresses can help you enhance your peace of mind and control your pain symptoms.

Physical Therapy

Stretching and strengthening your joints and muscles with a physical therapist’s assistance relieve pain and stop it from returning. Physical therapy may also enhance your muscles’ overall functioning, which reduces the risk of injury and strain over time.

Music Therapy

Music has immense power over us. It can move our emotions and send us back in time. Listening to certain types of music can also lower pain by reducing stress and handling discomfort better.

These findings are backed by clinical research. One study of people with chronic pain found that listening to classical Turkish music lowered nerve damage pain. The more the patients listened, the lower their pain level.

A review of more than 90 clinical studies in 2018 found that listening to music reduces pain and anxiety before, during, and after surgery. Also, listening to music daily can help people with arthritis or fibromyalgia feel less anxious and more comfortable.


Massage therapists use pressure and rubbing to loosen your tight tendons and muscles so you can relax. Massage also can help reduce pain by blocking the body’s pain signals and relieving your stress. Massage therapy also soothes your tight muscles by enhancing blood flow.

Another benefit of massage is there are no side effects. Unless you have a rash, infection, or certain heart disease types, there are almost no risks.

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