Don’t Forget to Check These Things Before You Buy Pearls!

Check These Things Before You Buy Pearls

Pearls are trendier than gold, silver, platinum and diamond as well. They are a perfect match for every occasion and fit into the criteria of sophistication. Buying a pearl is tougher than one can think of. However, if you know these things, buying pearls will be like your second task after getting up.

Mikimoto is a finest producer of Akoya pearls all around the world. They are most prestigious pearl retailer brand in the jewelry sector. The reputation of this brand to offer customers with excellent quality pearls is irrefutable.

Pearls are available in many shapes, colour and design as well. Starting from a necklace to a ring, you can wear them in any style of your choice. Since bracelets are the trendiest jewellery articles today, here are few tips for you to buy them.

1. The hand size

Chains are available in different size and since the person, you will gift, will always remind you whenever he or she will see the bracelet on the wrist. So, it’s better to know their hand size before you buy them a pearl bracelet.

2. Chain type

The various types of chains include

• bangles
• bead
• Byzantine
• cable
• wheat
• mesh
• role
• rope
• snake
• Venetian or box
• Figaro,
• Cuban

Moreover, the pearl bracelets are also classified on the basis of layers and number of pearls. These pearls are generally extracted from freshwater.

• Single-stranded – these are 6-7 mm pearls and the simplest and most classic model of pearl bracelet.

• Double-stranded – these pearls are considered perfect for occasional wear. Their beauty increases when paired with a complete pearl set.

• Charm bracelet – if you love to go with the trend, then these charm bracelets are perfect for you. Since these bracelets have pearls suitable for all skin tone, anyone can wear them without any hesitation.

• Triple-stranded – best for formal wear, meetings or parties, triple-stranded bracelets are a big go. You can easily wear them with a distinct clasp.

3. Colours

It is always advised to wear pearls compliment to your complexion.

• Multicoloured- if it’s a sunny day or day too dim and you want to stand out, there’s nothing better than a multicoloured bracelet.

• Single coloured – these are called work pearls. You can wear them for any official event.

Tahitian grading system

There is a variety of pearls produced using different oysters and even their grading system differs. The Tahitian and South Sea pearls use different grading system to assess the surface quality and luster. The reason is that both varieties are larger in size and even have consistent luster. Luster and nacre are correlated. Thick nacre means more lusters. Therefore, the grading system makes use of A, B, C, and D classification, which defines the blemishing level on pearls surface.

Akoya pearls surface quality

Pearls surface cleanliness and luster are considered in the Mikomo grading system. It is because Japan has been harvesting pearls for more than a century. With this vast experience the Akoya cultured pearls reveal high luster in comparison. The grading system perfectly differentiates surface quality and luster nuances. Akoya pearls get bleached to gain the white color.

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