Get to Know Several Factors and Intricacies about Pearls

Factors and Intricacies about Pearls

Pearl are hard masses formed in living mollusks shells. They have a smooth surface and lustrous appearance. This makes them popular addition to jewelry and accessories. Basic shapes used to design jewelry are round, pear, drop, oval, baroque, flat, semi-round, and semi-baroque. Perfectly round is rare, so is most valuable. Cultured pearls are less expensive options. Natural and cultured When […]

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John Eilermann St. Louis Gives the Reasons Behind the Importance of Architectural Design

Architectural Design

The world of architecture is altering speedily everyday and students at design schools are at the vanguards of this transformation. What today’s design school student gathers from the classroom is the Architectural world people will live tomorrow. With a spotlight on environmentally conscious design in schools, tomorrow’s architecture can abode the world’s sustainability demands. People like John Eilermann St. Louis […]

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Top Tips To Combatting Male Pattern Baldness

Combatting Male Pattern Baldness

Scientific studies have time and again proved that it is men who are more vulnerable to premature hair loss than their female counterparts. This uncontrolled phenomenon has given rise to the term of male pattern baldness and as the name suggests it is exclusive to men. The severity of this issue varies between early signs of hair shedding and complete […]

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The Rebel Gears: How Biker Patches and Jackets inspired the Rebel Subculture

Biker Patches

Like other great inventions, biker jacket, the most enduring icon in outwear industry, was created because of a single stroke of genius. In 1928, the co-founder of New York City-based garments factory Schott Bros, Irving Schott, designed and produced their very first leather motorcycle jacket with a zipper in it. They named the jacket, Perfecto, after Irving Schott’s favorite cigar. […]

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