Wedding Flower Arrangements And Important Tips

Wedding Flower

You need to start your wedding arrangement months in advance. This is a time for a lot of joy and memorable experience for the entire family including the couple getting married. Wedding planning calls for some serious discussion making around what the food menu is going to be like; the guests, transportation, lighting, decorations and flower arrangements. 

Flowers are the most important decorative items in the wedding; they cover a large ground, from the bridal bouquets to the floral arrangement on and off the stage. Since wedding flowers neither come cheap nor can be messed with a list of things need to be planned and organized beforehand with respect to wedding flowers. 

  • Location: Check how your flowers will be transported to the wedding site and if the florist is willing to set up the stage early on the special day.
  • Color theme: Color theme and the choice of flowers is another important factor that needs to be decided upon. You must work with a range of flowers to come to a final decision of what would match the occasion.
  • Budget: Your florist should tell you what a basic arrangement of flowers should cost you and what kind of flowers will fit a certain budget. Notice that wedding flowers can range from cheap to super expensive, it’s up to you to decide what you would like to spend on them. Exotic flowers can cost an arm and a leg.
  • Watch the weather: If the wedding arrangements are being made as an outdoor program and the climate is going to be sunny, choice of flower may range from daisies and roses, your florist may suggest you avoid flowers that easily wilt in hot climates such as tulips and irises.

Let’s Look At Some Areas Of Using Wedding Flowers 

#1 The Bridal Bouquet 

This arrangement could be the most vital flowers arrangement of the day and a lot of matching of colors need to be organized for this. The gown, the props and other decorative items may need to have a color scheme that matches with this bouquet. The number of flowers may range from 30 to 50 to make a medium sized to a large bouquet. 

#2 Maid Of Honor Bouquet 

This is a smaller bouquet than the bridal bouquet, it’s the one that is carried by the maid of honor and she definitely is wearing a dress or a gown that is matching the flowers and the scheme of colors on the whole. 

#3 Toss Bouquet 

Many brides do the ceremonial tossing of the bouquet to the women at the reception, often a smaller bouquet is used made of the similar if not the same flowers to toss over. This way the bride gets to keep her bouquet and eve preserve it if she’d like too. 

#4 Wrist Corsages 

Family members could join in with the flowers and the make the occasion more colorful. Offering them small wrist corsage or a small display of flowers tied to the wrist will add to the festive mood. 

#5 Flower Arrangements In Vase 

Ensure that flower arrangements that are placed throughout the reception area do not block the view of the guests in an effort to have a glimpse of each other. A beautiful centerpiece arrangement would also make for a delightful gathering. While this may take a large number of flowers, it will add both fragrance and color to the event. It is also common to have little wedding flowers at each table for the guests to take away. 

Beautiful wedding flowers to make the occasion memorable, to share your joy and affection. But you need to order only as much as you can afford and is required. These flowers can be donated to charity after the occasion is over, they then continue to ignite more smiles.

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