Do you have what it takes to become a good insurance broker?

insurance broker

Many people often underestimate insurance brokers. They think that it’s easy to sell and trade insurance policies. What they do not know is that insurance brokers selling and talking are not the only things that insurance brokers do every day. In fact, we do think that not everyone can become a good insurance broker. It takes certain characteristics for an individual to become good at this job. Though an insurance broker can get training and seminars, it’s still important that an individual has a good mindset before starting on this journey. Check the list below to see if you have the characteristics of to become a great insurance broker.

Good communication

Insurance brokers should be good in communication. Half of what they do is talking and discussing insurance policies with various clients. They should enjoy talking and communicating with people. They should also be able to effectively tell what the product is all about. Simply describing the product is not enough. They should also effectively tell what distinguishes the product to the other products in the market. Insurance lingo is also something that insurance brokers should master. Efficiently translating these business lingoes into simple words that clients can understand can also help them create a sale.


Good communication should also come with confidence. Clients trust brokers who are confident and really know what they are saying and doing. You can become more confident by truly knowing the in and out of the product that you’re selling.  Having a command on the insurance policy can help you connect better with clients and create a better case for why they should buy the product.

Very knowledgeable

Insurance brokers don’t go to meetings unarmed. Their most valuable tricks are in their minds. Aside from having strong personality and charisma, insurance brokers should also become experts in the insurance industry. Charm is not enough to get points to clients. Sometimes clients can see that the broker is all talk without brains. You have to prove to them that you are trustworthy by having a reliable expertise in your chosen area.


Filing documents and keeping requirements in a safe place are also a must for brokers. It’s crucial that important files are kept and protected. Things might sour if these important documents are unorganized. Insurance brokers should have a knack for organizing documents and should find this as fun as talking and socializing with people.


The insurance industry is very competitive. Salespeople often go head to head to get the best client. It’s not for the fainted heart to join an industry that’s all about the competition. A good insurance broker should have a competitive spirit in order to take on the fast-paced highly competitive insurance industry. Remember that insurance brokers get their salary on commissions. A broker won’t be able to become successful in this career without the will and the drive.


Believe it or not insurance brokers take integrity and honesty to their hearts. It’s one of the most important parts of being in this career. Remember that an insurance broker represents a company. Forgetting basic ethics can be bad for both the company, the broker, and the client. This is why brokers often take an oath of ethics to promise the industry its utmost honesty and integrity.

Persistent but knows where to hold back

Convincing a client to buy a product is a mixture of being persistent but not being too pushy. A good insurance broker needs to know how to walk in this fine line. One should be persistent enough to make a sale but at the same time avoid being too pushy that it becomes annoying.

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