Proper way to take care of your underarms

take care of your underarms

I know all people whether it is a girl or boy they are super conscious about their body parts specially their faces but there is an area in your body that you are completely neglecting which is your underarms. They are very sensitive parts in your body. So, in these article I am giving you some tips to take care of them and maintain your hygiene.


Shaving in a proper way will eliminate the ingrown hairs and may give you a silky smooth underarms but if you don’t know the correct way don’t do it because it can dark your sensitive skin. Another reason is that the when your skin come in contact with the edges of harsh shaving blades it removes the protective layer of moisture resulting in dryness of skin. Using a conditioning cream will give you better results.


Go for waxing only if you are brave enough to handle it. Because waxing causes lot of pain but results are better as compared to previous one. It can give you silky smooth underarms for weeks instead of days. If you trying this at home before that I will suggest you to go for a good quality waxing cream or consult to proper experts for better results.

Remove body odour:

It is the most embarrassing shit that happens with most of the people. Have you ever smelled your armpits in midday after a busy workday? Well this is not so great. You can keep this shitty smell away from you by keeping your clothes clean have a hard shower daily. By using a nice deodorant or any antiperspirants. It contains various extract that can kill the bacteria that make your body smell. But just be sure after 10-15 minutes of shaving use them otherwise it will cause lots of irritation that can cause rashes.

Prevent skin darkening:

There may be multiple reasons for excessive darkening of your armpits like hyperpigmentation or melanin on skin anything could be the reason. Underarm hairs can be coarse and dark that can give you a dark look. Overexposure to UV light can produce brown colour pigment. Or hormonal change can cause the same thing. By using local products can cause allergy to skin. In this case consult from your dermatologist is highly recommended.

By now you know that that underarms are a very sensitive area of the body. Recognizing this, it’s important that your delicate skin can be given proper care for that you have to visit Flipkart deals and Flipkart offers to avail all the body care products that can help to keep your underarms baby soft.

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