Plan out An Amazing Wedding Ceremony with These Beautiful Flowers

Amazing Wedding Ceremony

A marriage ceremony involves a lot of things from dresses to decoration, cuisines to gifts and other such things. When it comes to decoration, nothing can match the aura and beauty of flowers in giving a unique look to your marriage celebrations. For acquiring the attention of your guests towards your brilliant decoration, you need to select the right flowers for this critical task. Here are the various flowers that form the appropriate choice for the decoration purposes.

Roses- They are a symbol of beauty and love which makes them a perfect flower to express your feelings and emotions. These elegant flowers are described by various writers and poets in their writings as a metaphor for emotion, beauty, true love and passion. It is one of the most popular flowers in the wedding world and is available in a variety of flowers to fulfill all the wedding related obligations. If you can’t find the desired variety of roses at your nearest florist shop, you can take the help of any online flower delivery in Singapore that can offer wonderful flowers for your wedding ceremony.

Calla Lilies- It is also known as arum lily and has a trumpet-shaped design that makes it an amazing flower for your loved ones. It originated in Africa and its distinct design has been included in the works like Art Nouveau and Art Deco along with the 20th century photography. The flower is a symbol of “magnificent beauty” and is most suitable for tall arrangements as well as presentation style bouquets. You can easily find it in a local flower shop in Singapore and can choose the perfect colour for you among the available hues of yellow, orange, mauve-pink and dark purple.

Tulips- This beautiful exotic flower is associated with Netherlands but it is actually a native of Persia or modern Iran. It symbolises the “consuming love” and “happy years” which makes it the favourable choice for wedding celebrations. This beautiful flower is available in a wide range of colours such as white, cream, pink, yellow, peach, red, purple, magenta and others. They can be used to decorate the bouquets, curtains, main stage, “mandap” and other such areas of the wedding venue. Three common varieties of tulips are available in the market which are Dutch tulips, French tulips and parrot tulips for the special occasion.

Lily of the Valley- The flower comes in the shape of bell-shaped florets that are dangling from a thin stem. It is also known as the “ladder to heaven” and has an unforgettable fragrance that can easily mesmerise anyone. According to the Norse mythology, this beautiful flower is linked to Ostara who is the goddess of springtime and is very expensive in nature. It also comes in a rare and elegant variety of rosy pink that create an ambient environment.
So, choose any of these flowers or a combination of them through your nearest florist shop or avail the flower delivery in Singapore to make your marriage ceremony truly rocking in every sense.

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