Inhibit Aromatase Production

to control excess aromatase activity

The use of anabolic steroid can increase the level of estrogen and androgens in the body which helps to gain muscle mass.  To maintain the gain which you have got from the uses of anabolic steroids, you must know about the best aromatase inhibitors. It also helps to get back the normal level of hormone which has been increased using anabolic steroids so that the negative effects can be reduced. There are some treatments available.

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The enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogen is known as the aromatase activity. If the level of testosterone is imbalanced it occurs in the body. The level of testosterone increases using anabolic steroids which also increases the level of estrogen. The side effects associated with the increased level of testosterone and estrogen are gynecomastia and increases the fat around the waist. The increase in the aromatase level has been connected to the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer and autoimmunity. To control the excess aromatase activity you have to take a break from the anabolic steroids. Sometimes it takes a month to recover from the cycle of anabolic steroid but if you want to maintain the gain and minimize negative effects, you mustimplement a suitable plan.There are some treatments which help to prevent the risk of side effects like the development of breast tissue in male body and chronic diseases. Below are some of the treatments which can be used while you are consuming anabolic steroids. It is used to minimize the side effects of the steroids among men and women.

  • Nolvadex – It is a tool which helps to modulate the estrogen receptors and maintain the level of hormone at equilibrium during your anabolic steroid cycles. It modulates the selective estrogen in certain part of the body which includes liver. The estrogen in the liver helps to maintain the level of cholesterol which has negative impact while you are in anabolic steroid cycle. However Nolvodex do come with some side effects which includes rashes in the face and body, decrease the count of white blood cells and headache. In spite of these side effects it is the most well tolerated drugs in the world of bodybuilding. It can be used by both men and women.
  • Clomid- It is known for non-steroidal fertility medicine. It created induce in the female ovulation by releasing hormone from the pituitary gland in the body. It is one of the strongest anti-estrogen drugs which binds the receptors and prevents in increasing the level of hormones. It also prevents the development of breasts by signaling the mammary tissue of the body. It should not be used if you have abnormal vaginal bleeding, cyst in ovary, any history of liver diseases and any problem which is related to thyroid or adrenal gland among women.
  • Natural method – There are several foods which help to inhibit the production of aromatase These foods are celery, red wine, olive oil, white button mushrooms, parsley, cruciferous vegetables.

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