What Are the Face Lift Options for a Younger Looking Face?

Face Lift

You might be looking for a solution to give your face a younger appearance and flawless skin? Cosmetic surgery offers numerous solutions for facial treatments that enhance the skin, eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, and takes care of the abnormalities that need special attention. But with Mini Facelift, Lower Facelift, Full Facelift, S-Lift, and Lunchtime Lift, how do you know which Face lift is right for you?

Summer is right there by the corner, bringing in weddings, college graduations, and events long held for the sunny days. It’s time for you to show the people around you that age is not defined by numbers – facial treatments make you look 5 to 10 years younger your age!

All types of facelift procedures have variation in their techniques.

The patients who visit Crispin Plastic Surgery Center for Facelift in Atlanta are informed for the various methods they can use for a tighter looking skin and other tissue treatments. The major fact about the procedure is the thoroughness it gives. Facelift procedure is designed to deal with tightening the mid-face area; the area that includes cheekbones down to the jaw-line.

The neck and other parts are only addressed if required, but going out of the face parameter is and tightening of the skin then facelift is combined with the others to get better results.

Liquid Facelift – In this procedure, various injectable dermal fillers are used to fill hollowing areas and smoother creases and folds and plump lips. The fillers contain lactic acid calcium, hyaluronic acid, or hydroxyapatite. These treatments with fillers prevents the day from getting wasted by a facelift surgery procedure, while the most popular fillers used these days include Sculptra, Voluma, and Juvederm.

Jaw-Line Rejuvenation – The area between the upper neck and jaw can be revitalized by this procedure. Liposuction procedure is also used in combination with this procedure to remove the excess fat from neck and so that the jaw line is sculpted properly. The fat which is harvested through liposuction can then be used for filling up the mid-face area and cheeks for extra volume. This face enhancement treatment is recommended for people with minimal skin laxity.

Mini Face Lift – Mini Face lift is the most in demand procedure, it uses smaller incisions and leaves the entire procedure looking minimally invasive. The incisions are made under the cover of the hair line which allows the surgeons to remove the excess tissues and tighten the skin. Mini face lifts are generally known as the “weekend facelifts”, it improves the appearance of jowls and neck in no time, allowing the patient to get back to work after the weekend. Yet, this procedure is for patients with early aging sings and provides less dramatic results as compared to traditional facelift procedure.

Mid Face Lift – This type of face lift is very effective for treating the mid-face area (cheeks in specific). Even this procedure has small incisions made in the hairline above ears, and within the mouth as well. This way, the surgeon can reposition the fat pads in the checks over the cheekbones while also going with tightening the skin area in the same place.

Temporal Face Lift/ Brow Lift – This procedure focuses on enhancing the eyebrow area specifically. For anyone with drooping eyebrows, this procedure helps in lifting the lowered eyebrows, without the use of a complete brow-lift procedure that is move invasive and requires a longer time in healing and recovering. The incisions in this case are small and generally use the hairline (for patients with higher foreheads) and for patients with lower hairline, the incisions are made within the hairline.

MACS Lift/ Quick Lift – The Quick lift technique and MACS are both modifications for the S-lift techniques. Both these procedures fall in within the traditional facelift and S-lift techniques for both results and invasiveness. Both these techniques require a longer recovery time period and offer even more dramatic results – an absolute choice for patients with moderate facial aging.

Traditional Face Lift – This procedure is the best choice for patients who want an optimal correction of mod level facial changing. In this case the incisions are made into the hairline and below the chin as well. The skin is dissected from the muscles lying underneath the area in concern which allows tightening of the same face and neck area. The bands of muscle in front of the neck are sutured together and are divided for a smoother, defined, and contoured neckline.

The excess fat of the jowls and neck is removed and as needed the skin is re-draped in a very natural way, while the excess skin is removed both from behind the ears and in front. This gives surgeons the most dramatic yield and a very long lasting effect. The sutures are even removed 6 to 7 days after and the patients can return to work generally 10 days and can resume exercises 2 weeks after surgery.

Bottom Line:

The bottom line to face lift procedures is that, the names and process shouldn’t confuse you. Try to understand the basics about these techniques and simply consult an expert facial plastic surgeon to suggest and advice you best according to your needs.

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