The Buzz of Festivals All Around and the Sizzling Gifts to Feel Loved

Sizzling Gifts

There is something amazing about festivals! Festivals can be either religious or social but every time they bring people together. In today’s very busy world people are generally scattered here and there and they get a chance to meet with each other only during the festivals. In a land like India, we get many chances to meet and greet our friends, family, and relatives in the name of celebration of festivals. The popularity charts of these festivals goes as the following:

Diwali: Undoubtedly this is the festival which is world famous for the glamor and glitz it encircles. People who stay away from their family, apply for at least a 10 day leave to spend time with their loved ones. Just for the fact that people celebrate this festival in every corner of India under various names and rituals, Diwali is almost synonymous to India. Millions of lights and fire crackers keep the spirit of Diwali alive. Along with that comes the impressive gifts, food, and sweets.

Raksha Bandhan: This one is a very unique celebration of brothers and sisters. The unconditional love and affection between a brother and sister is signified in this festival. Brother’s wrists are tied with colorful rakhis by their sisters. Many stylish rakhis are available these days ranging from gold to diamond, pearl to kundan one. And using any reputed online shopping portal, you may send rakhi to Bengaluru and wish your little brother staying there. In term of magnanimity, this festival is no less than a Diwali or Holi. This is again another festival that holds secularism at its core. People from all walks of life participate with great enthusiasm.

Holi: Holi is another striking festival of our country where people engage themselves in a variety of colors. The sky looks a different one on this festival. In places like Mathura and Vrindavan, people engage in a 10 day long festival. Sweets like Gujiya are prepared in every household along with Bhaang. Bhaan is one of the most important signature of Holi festival that is a very healthy and nutritious drink apart from being intoxicating. Full cream milk and dry fruits contribute to the nutrition factor.

Dusshera: Goddess Durga is worshipped with lot of fun and excitement. It is more or less a month long saga. Because before the main Puja starts, there is really a lot of hullaballoo regarding the shopping of Puja materials and also the gifts. For ten days, people fast with pure vegetarian food and fruits and indulge in glamorous clothes, singing, and dancing. It is believed that Goddess Durga returns to her home with this festival along with her children and this sentiment applies to every other daughters. They must return to their mom, dad, and home.

Christmas: The year ends with this sparkling festival of cakes, cheese, and wine. On the birthday of Jesus Christ, the face of love and kindness, people first go to the Church and worship him, sing carols, organize various other functions, invite people at home for a get together, and send gifts to loved ones. The most loved gift of this season is definitely a Christmas cake.

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