Dishes in a close connection with the names of 36 old streets in Hanoi

36 old streets in Hanoi

Hanoi owns a host of delicious and unique food tourists shouldn’t miss such as “pho”, “bun cha”, “pho cuon” and so on. In reality, we can easily find out these food throughtout Hanoi. However, normally, quite a few people still try to discover the street that is associated with these food.

1. Pho Bat Dan

For a long time, Hanoi is famous for “pho”, a traditional food. “Pho” is not only is a popular meal at breakfast but also contains the cream of the culinary culture of the capital. If the locals are asked about a good place to taste “pho” by foreign tourists, surely they will suggest “pho Bat Dan” – a very famous restaurant offering “pho” located in Bat Dan street.

2. Pho cuon Ngu Xa

“Pho cuon” is a variation of the traditional food named “pho” and becomes popular with people living in Hanoi. This food is well know by tourists from different regions; therefore, a considerable number of foreign travelers come here to enjoy “pho cuon”. “Pho cuon” is made by a rolled-up rice sheet inside which includes stir-fried beef and some kinds of vegetables. An indispensable ingredient to bring out fine flavor is the sauce with sour and sweet taste. Although restaurants of “pho cuon” have mushroomed, Ngu Xa is the address that is referred to most often.

3. Banh duc Le Ngoc Han

Hot, soft , chewy, thick and rich are adjectives for the description of the taste of “banh duc”. The main ingredient is non-glutinous rice powder; others include ground pork, shrimp fried onions, sesame seeds and peanuts. In addition, all these things are steeped in the tasty soup. As a result, “banh duc” has long captured the hearts and the minds of Hanoi’s people. If wanting to eat typical “banh duc”, you have to go to Le Ngoc Han street to greatly enjoy the perfect harmony of rice flavor, meat and vegetables.

4. Bun dau Hang Khay

Located in a modest alley, this restaurant still catches the attention of a lot of people although they usually have to wait in a long queue before enjoying this dish. In other words, for cuisine lovers, they are willing to wait to savour “bun dau Hang Khay”, which is regarded as standard “bun dau” in Hanoi. Being highly appreciated by so many people, this “bun dau” for sure has distinctive flavor.

5. Bun cha Hang Manh

“Bun cha” is known as one of the most famous food in Hanoi and Hang Manh is renown as the best “bun cha” restaurant. The reason is that the food is highly processed, going through various stages from material prepararion to the mix of spice to make grilled chopped meat having typical flavor. After that, soft pork including some fat will be grilled on charcoal.

6. Banh cuon Hang Ga (Hang Ga rolled cake)

“Banh cuon” is often chosen for breakfast by the local people. The ingredients of “banh cuon” have wide, thin and soft sheet of rice batter filled with ground pork and wood ear mushroom. The dish is covered with fried shallot and accompanied by “cha lua” and “nuoc cham”. One of the “banh cuon” restaurants making a great impression on Hanoi’s people is Thanh Van restaurant in Hang Ga street, wwhich has opened for tens of years and always brings the satisfaction to customers.

7. Cha ca La Vong

“Cha ca La Vong” lies in the Cha Ca street and is long popular with not only the local people but also tourists. In fact, quite a few stages are required to produce good “cha ca”. For that reason, those who desire to taste this food are always selective about the place to take it.

8. Xoi Nguyen Huu Huan

Come into existence since 1997, the “Xoi Yen” restaurant in Nguyen Huu Huan street was the first one to offer “xoi” with other food such as caramalized pork and eggs (thit kho tau), fried eggs, pate, Chinese sausage, chicken meat and so on. This restaurant is considered to be a pioneer and learned experience from by following restaurants.

Regardless of the emergence of a series of “xoi” restaurants, “Xoi Nguyen Huu Huan” still play a special role because of characteristic taste ad the elaborateness and skillfulness of the owner.

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