Top Benefits of Giloy Juice

In India, Ayurveda has become a very popular source to lead a healthy life. In fact, it has been one from centuries as these are natural products. One can rely on things like amla, triphala, karela, jamun, giloy and other products like these so that they can have a good life ahead.

Giloy juice, which is also known as ‘TinosporaCordifolia,’ is being used as a source of medicine in India for many years. It is said by the Ayurvedic experts that the roots of this fruit have a lot of benefits and do have healing power. One can also consume giloy juice for cancer and can get relief from it.

There are plenty of benefits from drinking giloy juice. Here are some.

  • The juice helps one to increase their immunity power. This has a lot of anti-oxidants in it which keeps the body cells healthy. As a result, one can easily prevent the diseases that are caused from seasonal changes. Giloy also helps in purifying the body blood by removing toxins from it. It fights the bacteria present in the body and also helps in fighting the liver diseases. It is said that this is also useful in treating infertility.
  • This juice improves the digestion system in a human body. It also improves the bowel movements. In fact, one can mix a gram of giloy powder with the same amount of amla powder and then have it to get the best results in constipation. This way, one can have a clear stomach in future.
  • Giloy juice can reduce the high blood sugar level in a human body to some extent. It reduces the amount of glucose present in the body and often works as insulin. Hence the positive result.
  • Giloy is a certain kind of herb which helps in reducing the mental stress. If one is suffering from anxiety, then they can drink a glass of this juice on a regular basis. It makes people calm and gives them the ability to boost their memory. This also works as a health tonic and one can drink it in that way.
  • This juice has some anti-inflammatory elements in it. So, it can be effective in reducing body swellings that can happen due to any kind of injury or through some diseases like arthritis. Many Ayurvedic studies suggest that, in order to reduce joint pains, one can mix giloy stem with milk and then drink it to get positive results.
  • Do you suffer from breathing problems? Well, this juice has a good effect on those who are constantly caught by cold cough and shortness of breath. That is why this juice is good for those who have bronchial tendencies and are asthma patients.
  • This is very good for human skin and hair as well. Giloyis able to reduce pimples,dark spots and acnes on face. As a result, one can have a glowing skin and flawless too.Giloy benefit for hair because it reduces hair fall.

Packed with so many benefits, including giloy juice in your dietary plan can go a long way in living a healthy life.

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