The influence of Muay Thai on your health

Muay Thai on your health

How best can you improve your health? This is one of the most popular questions that people have – and there are different answers to it. Some would say that you have to not stress a lot. Some would say that you need to sleep more. Some would say that you need to take supplements into your diet. But practically all people agree that you have to exercise in some way or another in order to get better health.

This is not something that’s all too difficult to do. After all, our bodies thrive on movement, and the basic principle holds – “use it, or lose it”. But even though you may think that you can move in any way shape or form and get healthier because of it – then you’re wrong. Believe it or not, there are some bad ways of exercising – ways that will not only not improve your health, but that may also damage your body.

And even the best method of exercise to date can ruin your health if you don’t apply it right. Which is why education is one of the most important things that you could get if you care deeply about your health. For example, the way you do squats, bodyweight or weighted, can strengthen your quads, glutes, joints and other parts of your lower and upper body – or it can destroy your knees. There is one critical error that novices tend to do when they do squats – it’s called the valgus fault, and it happens when your knees cave inward instead of outward while you’re doing the movement. Done properly, the squats can increase muscle strength and size, and improve the overall structure of your legs. This is why you want to learn more onproper form.

Another classical exercise that people tend to misuse is the good old pushup. The pushup, when done right, is a compound movement that works a lot of muscles of the anterior chain of the body. The pecs, the abs, the triceps, the shoulders – all get a killer workout. But a critical error of the pushups comes into play when you do it with flared elbows. In this way, you may end up destroying your shoulders with this form. Keep your elbows tucked in close to your body and you’ll be fine. Also, make sure that your core doesn’t sag because it signals instability at the core, which may damage your spine.

If you wish to do functional exercise in a way that won’t destroy your body, we recommend you to try out Muay Thai in Thailand. Muay Thai camp or browse around here is good information for you. If you manage to find a training camp then this may very well be the best thing that you could do in terms of improving your fitness. You will see that you will also lose weight – if excess weight is something that you have issues with. So, get right to it and become the strongest version of yourself that you have ever been before.

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