Follow The Best Five Options And Give More Life to Your Car Clutch

When you own a car with manual transmission, it cost you more to replace car’s clutch. But don’t worry, simply understand few inputs and improve your vehicle’s clutch life. Yes, you can save repair cost as well.

Top Five Methods For Extending the Life of Car’s Clutch

Most of you know that driving is an art. How you drive your vehicle decides many things about your car. This includes the clutch life. Yes, your way of driving certainly has an impact on the clutch. Know that the cost of a new clutch would quickly charge you more than thousand dollars. Hence if you own a car with manual transmission, then remember to maintain your clutch in the right condition.  Start following the guideline provided in the car manual to give excellent care to all parts of the car. Reach All Pro Exhaust for your auto clutch repair MA and learn ways to protect your clutch.

Find below few points to maintain the clutch of your manual transmission car. Follow the same to enjoy your drive and increase the lifespan of your car’s clutch.

  1. Don’t Keep Your Foot On Your Car’s Clutch

Don’t panic, this simple rule states that stay away from the clutch when riding the car. In other words, do not keep your foot on the clutch always. Use it as and when required.

Clutch pedal must remain free from the pressure that you give when you keep your foot on it always.

  1. Never Use Clutch While Moving From The Hills On The Return

Make use of handbrake to roll back from an inclined position.  Never use clutch till then. Later on, put first gear with foot on clutch till you reach Three Thousand Rotations per Minute.

Now, loosen the clutch then release the handbrake as you progress downwards.

Still, if any problem arises, then a car clutch repair service MA.

  1. Slow Down Gradually Before Stopping At The Red Signal

Upon noticing the yellow or red signal, start reducing the speed of your car. You can protect your clutch from giving sudden pressure by following this easy method.

When you come closer to the traffic signal or junction, you can keep the momentum slow and no need to halt by letting your clutch on the inoperative engine. You can save clutch from slippage.

  1. Remember Not To Drive Away When You See A Stop Signal

Never cross red signal in a hurry until you see a condition like fire. Maintain the RPM as low as possible till moving away from a red signal.

One Thousand One Hundred RPM must do the magic for your clutch.

Never raise the engine and make sure prevent your clutch from slipping for any silly reasons.

  1. Avoid Using Clutch To Save Brakes.

Clutch cost you more than brake pads. Wisely use the clutch to save money. Most of the times brake can do the required job than a clutch.

Always keep your engine’s speed in line with the rear-wheel speed. You can achieve a smooth downshift.

Engage the throttle and increase the car’s RPM. In parallel let go the clutch slowly.

Place your heel and toes on the brake pedal and the throttle respectively. You can apply both simultaneously to make a smooth downshift. But, you need to practice for following this method. Don’t try in traffic.

Become comfortable practicing all these skills and get a hold of your manual transmission car. Enjoy extending the life of your car’s clutch.

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