7 event furniture rental trends to rule in 2017

event furniture rental

2017 is here and with it comes many exciting trends in event furniture rental. In a competitive market, overall aesthetic of the event is another important factor that includes interior design, decoration and colour contrast that harmonise perfectly with the event theme as well as furniture. These trends change almost every season and keeping up with the latest binge would guarantee success. Make sure you host this year’s events with all the latest in furniture rental industry!

1. Woodworks

For all special events including wedding and corporate meetings, wooden harvest tables, benches and authentic barn board offers a classic, calm, elegant and distinct look. Besides, wooden furniture suits both in and outdoor theme just perfectly. The best design feature is they’re hand carved with each piece selected with extreme care that enhances overall aesthetics of the venue. Wood furniture also reflects your consciousness towards a cleaner environment.

2. Symbolising

Furniture bearing customised monograms are ruling the event industry and totally stunning. In case you’re organising a corporate party, go for symbolised or monogrammed acrylic bar that’s also excellent for weddings and make the couple look more elegant.

3. Illumination

Illuminated furniture is gaining popularity that gives the event a charming glow and sets a relaxing mood. The rental pieces range from LED tables, pedestal bars to couches, candle holders and more that adds uniqueness, leaving the guests more comfortable and entertained! You may go for any type of glow whereas the furniture fits perfectly to both in and outdoor events. Different colours bring a livelier touch thus turning the event more charming!

4. Lounge furniture

For ultimate comfort, elegance and style; incorporate lounge furniture into the event design essentials. The typical white or black lounge furniture ensures maximum comfort and even allow the guests to talk semi-privately. This style is highly recommended for large venue spaces.

Lounge furniture rental sparks up a unique theme in casual cocktail parties, open lawns and veranda space giving the guests a memorable experience.

5. Contemporary touch

The clean and simple looks of contemporary rental furniture are always appealing and won’t go out of fashion. In case your venue is a natural space such as a large pool-side patio or at the beachside for instance, metal furniture is the perfect pick. The platinum plus bronze tables and chairs are the best choice for alfresco party or event. If you expect an intimate meeting or the usual coffee-time chat, bistro metal furniture is most appropriate.

6. Industrial

For pure corporate meetings and other business events, industrial furniture fits perfectly whereas it’s also an option in weddings. This style offers a new comfort level to the guests by high-back chairs and couches, coffee bar tops and taller bistros.

7. Eclectic

Eclectic furniture introduces the element of innovation and creativity in an event. As the name implies; the design, colour and various other aspects are quite different yet quality and comfort remains absolute. Eclectic furniture pieces are excellent for almost every event and trendiest in modern-day weddings.


Stay one step ahead of the competition by adapting the latest trends in event furniture rental.

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